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       Our leader-in-training courses are designed for our pre-teen age participants age 10-12.  This series of courses are intended for all youth with a direction towards a leadership position.  Building through 6 modules that explore, define and experience leaderships roles. We take advantage of our 8000+ sq ft of gymnastics space to challenge each participant.  Learning leadership skills when you are young will help you to:

  • Build self-confidence (which will help you to withstand peer pressure and make good decisions)
  • Develop problem-solving skills (you will encounter challenges throughout your life – problem-solving skills will make it easier to overcome these challenges)
  • Develop life skills (such as responsibility, self-discipline, good communication and respect for others)
  • Learn to work with others as a team

       Each Module will concentrate on a specific leadership theme (see below) and encompass 8-10 hours of training.  Modules will be run quarterly at the club and can be taken in any order. All 6 modules must be completed to receive full accreditation for the program.

  • MODULE 1 - Leadership traits
  • MODULE 2 - Communications
  • MODULE 3 - Event planning
  • MODULE 4 - Interpersonal skills (team projects)
  • MODULE 5 - Leadership styles
  • MODULE 6 - Motivation (intrinsic/extrinsic)


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