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  • What should I wear?
    • Comfortable clothing, typically a gymnastics leotard with or without shorts or leggings for girls and shorts and a T-shirt or tank top for boys
      • no loose or baggy clothing
      • no buttons, zippers, strings/tassels
      • no skirts or tutus
      • no hoods
      • bare feet
    • Long hair should be tied up
      • no hard head bands
    • No jewlery
      • stud earrings are acceptable
      • some piercings may need to be taped for safety
  • What do i need to bring?
    • A bag for my belongings
    • A water bottle
    • Any medically required essentials (joint brace, puffer, epipen, ect.)
  • Can I have my phone with me?
    • We ask that all electronics be left at home
  • Lost and Found?
    • We have a lost and found bin in our entrance any found items will be placed here unless otherwise instructed
    • Heels Over Head Xperience Gymnastics is not responsible for misplaced or missing items
  • Do parents/guardians need to stay for the class?
    • Other than the parent and tot classes, parents/guardians are not required to stay for the class
    • We ask that you ensure when registering that information is up to date and correct should an emergency arise
    • It is critical for the smooth running of our programs that you arrive 5 min early for your class and 5 min early to pick up your child
    • Please ensure on the first day of classes that your childs coach is aware of any information pertinent to working with your child
  • Are parents allowed in the gym?
    • Other than parent and tot classes parents are not allowed in the gym
    • Parents are welcome to stay and watch classes from designated viewing area (currently not available due to COVID-19 restrictions)